I come from Taiwan where I grew up in a small town in the south called Kaohsiung. It is a back to basics kind of town, the people there always work hard for a living. Life was a circle, a circle of survival.

Nobody talked about dreams, nobody wondered what the outside world looked like, and nobody thought there are any big possibilities in life. They had a content attitude to life, and all they wanted was health and happiness.

I remember when I was young. The outside world existed only in a small box called a TV. That box was a magical world, there were so many places that I thought might only exist in my dreams, and so many different people that I thought could not real exist in the real world because they seemed so far out of the realty I knew.

I forgot when exactly I started to dream, but at that time I knew it might not come true? Dreams are called dreams because they take a long time to reach and they are hard accomplish. But at least, I came to all the places that I thought only exist in my dreams, and I am meeting people that I thought were not real. I hope I could use my eyes, and my thoughts to express what I see in this world, the land, the people and the stories.



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